What is the treatment, causes and symptoms of toenail fungus

When the hygienic conditions are not taken under consideration and cleanliness of the body as well as the environment is not given enough importance, many problems and diseases can strike a person.

For this, it is always advised that people should take care of their environment as well as personal hygienic conditions in order to save themselves from a number of problems.

Fungi is a microorganism that has the ability to attack any part of the body where the conditions are favorable for it to grow. It basically requires untidy condition with a moist place to multiply its cells. Fungi, when it attacks the toenails causes a problem called Onychomycosis.

The condition is caused by fungus which either attacks the toenails or fingernails. It shows very minimal visible signs when it first attacks the nails, the process of its development is slow but with time, when the condition is left untreated, it grows and becomes painful.

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What are the risk factors that are involved in causing Toenail Fungus?

There are a number of factors that lead to the development of toenail fungus and most of them can be prevented by certain precautionary measures. You can develop toenail fungus;

  • If you have a low blood pressure for most of the time and there is poor circulation in the feet area.
  • If you are too much into wearing artificial nails and you apply glue on your nails for that.
  • If you work in a place where there is a lot of moisture like swimming pool, bathing areas etc.
  • If you have been suffering from nail injury or any skin injury that has occurred around your toenails.
  • If you do not take care of your nail’s cleanliness and do not dry them properly after a bath.
  • If your immune system is weak and it takes a lot of time to recover from a disease.
  • If you wear shoes and socks for most of the time.

Also, this condition occurs in more in adults than in children whereas, it strikes men more than women. The conditions that lead to the toenail fungal problem that are mentioned above can be handled through precautionary measures and some medical treatment.

What are the symptoms of Toenail Fungus?

Initially, when the fungus attacks the suitable place to develop, there are no visible signs. It starts from a little visible yellow lining on the nails and with time the condition develops and turns into thickening, ragging and distortion of nails.

The nails get darker in yellow shades and sometimes turn black. In the worst condition, the nail can separate from the nail bed and then it causes severe pain.

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The affected area sometimes develop allergic reaction and can spread to other parts of the body which worsens the already developed condition. It can also develop bad odor and may become unbearable for the person and also for the surrounding.

What is the causal factor of Toenail Fungus?

It occurs because of the attack of a type of fungi and its development on, in or under the nails. It occurs mostly because of the person living in the moist, warm type of environment.

A type of fungi, named as Candida is most of the time responsible for causing toenail fungus.

There are certain types of molds and yeast that are also responsible for the development of fungal infection in the toenail area. Also the fungi type that is responsible for the development of ringworm, athlete’s foot or jock itch can cause toenail fungus.

Do take care of your cleanliness matters and also how you treat your nails because sometimes the carelessness can cause numerous problems that a person is unable to figure out and hence, it causes problems.

How can a fungal infection of toenails be treated?

A toenail fungal problem can become painful and undesirable if proper attention for its treatment is not given. The treatment of this over-developed and severe problem can become expensive with time and is often very long.

However, there are certain remedies applied for the treatment of toenail fungus that can treat the problem in shorter time and lesser expenses.

  • After the diagnosis from a doctor, he may suggest you certain anti-fungal pills that can cut all the fungus down from its roots and treat the problem but it sometimes cannot treat the problem very effectively.
  • Also, certain topical ointments are available in the market that are to be applied on the affected area and they can treat fungal issues in an effective manner. But such ointments have low treatment rates and only a few of them are effective in their treatment.
  • A product named as ZetaClear is available in the market which is specially designed to treat the problem of toenail fungus. It actually incorporates a topical ointment as well as an oral spray to eradicate the existence of fungal spread on the affected area.
  • In the worst condition, the physician has the right to remove the nail from the nail bed which is the most painful treatment.

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Final Word

It is therefore advised that precautions are better than cure. So, you must take care of your own cleanliness as well as that of your environment. It will save you from so many ailments and diseases.

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Zeta Clear Testimonials & Customer Reviews

ZetaClear is the best remedy for toenail fungus. It is a product that has emerged with a very different approach of treating toenail fungus, and it easily rectifies the stubborn problem of fungal infection is so less time. The prevalence of toenail fungus is 8% in the adult population and it strikes men more than women.

People round the globe are getting positive results through this product. Through surveys and research, we have come to know that besides other treatments that are available for treating toenail fungal infection, ZetaClear appears to be on the top and different from all in terms of its working methodology.

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How does ZetaClear Work?

zetaclearNever seen such a product that incorporates such uniqueness in its working. Ther product has been proved fruitful because it is the only effective remedy available for toenail fungal infection. It works with the help of two sprays:

  1. Topical Spray – it has to be applied on the nail bed where the infection has developed with the help of an applicator
  2. Oral Spray – it has to be sprayed under the tongue so that the ingredients reach the internal roots of the infection and treat the problem from its roots.

Benefits of ZetaClear

One recent study has made it clear that ZetaClear is the only number 1 remedy for treating toenail fungal infection. There is no doubt in how ZetaClear brings benefits to the individual who is suffering from a stubborn issue of toenail fungus.

  • It kills the fungus and microbes present in the affected area so that the problem of fungal infection gets treated in the safest possible way.
  • It brings relief to the person from pain and itching sensation and brings the comfort.
  • It prevents the fungus from spreading in the surrounding areas on the fingers of the same foot or the other foot.
  • It prevents the development of fungus in the future as well.

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ZetaClear’s Ingredients are the safest ingredients

almond-oilZetaClear makes use of all the natural ingredients that have antifungal properties and have been used in the medicines and other homeopathic products. The combination of these natural ingredients make it the safest remedy for treating toenail fungus.

Customers of ZetaClear have been reviewing the product as one of the best remedy ever existed for treating for toenail fungus. You can see the reviews in the testimonials and customer review section given below.


  • “I have just begun using Zeta Clear because of my brother’s recommendation. He had fungus under his finger and toe nails for 40 years. He used Zeta Clearreligiously three times a day, and the fungus completely cleared up. I am already beginning to see results myself, and I have been using it only two weeks.” Baker (Portland, OR)
  • “I’ve had toenail fungus for years and each year it got worse, more painful and ugly. It started spreading from my big toe to the other toes. My doctor was reluctant to treat it because of the potential side effects of the available drugs. So, I bought two months’ supply of Zetaclear.
  • After less than one month, I noticed a definite improvement but was not absolutely certain. Now, after two and one half months, I can say with certainty that this stuff is working for me! My nails haven’t looked this good in years! The damaged part of the nail has almost completely grown out and the new nail is absolutely clear and healthy!” Michael MacGuinness (Jackson, MI)
  • “I have suffered from nail fungus for over 10 years and my condition can be considered severe. Zetaclear is the first treatment that I have used that I can see working.” Debi S. (Crawfordsville, IN)

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Customer Reviews About ZetaClear

  • “I have been embarrassed with my nail fungus for so many years and now after using your product I have my confidence back. Zetaclear product is the best.” – Sarah , UK
  • “Zetaclear is excellent in helping get rid of my nail fungus. I live by the beach so a lot of the time I’m in flip flops. Took me a total of twelve days before I wasn’t embarrassed anymore.” — Marcus, US
  • “This is a wonderful product and the only product that worked for my nail fungus.Next time its in stock, im going to order in bulk. LOL.” — Jennifer, US

Therefore, it is analyzed that ZetaClear has broken all the records of the previously existing remedies and products for treating toenail fungus. Also, the product is available on the official website of ZetaClear and nowhere else.

If you want to buy a genuine product, we would recommend you to visit the following link in order to invest your money in the genuine product so that it helps you get rid of that persistent problem that has made you embarrassed for no reason.

We want you all to take care of your hygiene and cleanliness. Do let us know about your experience regarding ZetaClear.

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What Are The Best Toenail Fungus Medication Available In Market?

You cannot just sit idle and expect a miracle to happen and treat your problem. You must do something and for that you have to step out of your comfort zone and find the best treatment for yourself.

If you think the treatment is going to be hectic and will be long and tiring and you are also afraid of the side effects and its efficiency, then why don’t you try some home remedies? They are easier and there is less chance of them causing any side effect. It is because in home remedies all the process incorporates natural, homemade ingredients and sometimes, if they do not treat the problem completely, they have the ability to at least make it better.

Try some home remedies

Here is a list of some of the things that you must try at home in order to prevent your problem to get worse.

  • apple-cider-vinegarTry to keep up the hygienic conditions around you and of your body.
  • Do not always keep your feet closed in the shoes and wear clean socks. After removing shoes, keep your feet dry and clean them by washing them thoroughly. The skin and nails of your feet should get a chance to breathe without shoes for some time.
  • Try to keep your feet nails short and clean. Long nails are dangerous in terms of developing infections and catching fungus attack.
  • Refrain from sharing your personal stuff with anybody else especially socks and towels. Also, keep them clean by washing them regularly.
  • Walking barefoot in the areas where there is moisture such as swimming pools, locker rooms or shower areas will make your feet vulnerable to infections and fungal attacks.
  • If you are suffering from athlete’s foot, get your feet or those areas treated as soon as possible so that it does not spread out to your nails.

Treatments for toenail fungus

Once you have figured out that the problem that you are facing is toenail fungus, you must look for options available in the market to treat your problem. There are certain medications available in the market that are considered effective in curing toenail fungus. We only want you to get rid of the pain and embarrassment that you have been facing due to your toenails.

All these antifungal medication are available in different forms and you must consider the best option taking in account the severity of your problem.

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An Antifungal Nail Paint

There are certain nail paints available in the market that are antifungal in nature and are especially manufactured in order to treat the problem of toenail fungus. You have to use it for quite a long time so that all the fungus get removed with it.

Doctors recommend this nail paint to patients who are easy going with a topical treatment than an oral treatment. But the problem with this treatment is that it takes quite a long time about 3 to 4 months to eradicate the fungus and often does not cause any difference. But the positive side of this treatment is that it does not cause any side effect.

Antifungal tablets

There are certain tablets that are antifungal in nature and these tablets are recommended by doctors to cut the roots of fungus from within the body. It actually act as a treatment of fungal infection beneath the skin. There are two most known antifungal tablets Itraconazole and Terbinafine that are mostly recommended by doctors. These medications also have a long treatment span and they must be taken for 4 to 5 months once or twice a day daily in order to kill all the microorganisms.

Once you stop the medication it might occur that the problem will appear back. Also, these medications also have some side effects and they can cause problems for several sensitively immune people.

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A topical and an oral treatment combined!

There is only one such treatment available in the market that has actually broken all the records and has proved to treat the problem of toenail fungus at its best. It incorporates both the topical ointment and an oral spray to kill the fungus from its roots. That one and only medication is ZetaClear.

ZetaClear is the only medication that has both:

  1. Topical spray and
  2. Oral Spray

This medication is homeopathic in nature. The topical spray has to be applied on the surface of the nails with the help of the brush applicator whereas, the oral spray should be sprayed in the mouth under the tongue to reach the inner roots of the fungus. This medication is the quickest possible treatment for treating toenail fungus. It is safe, effective and best treatment developed for treating fungal infections.

We would suggest you to go for ZetaClear because after going through the customer reviews of the product and reading all the tactics that the products uses to treat the problem, there is no other treatment that can work this much good.

Also, do take care of your cleanliness matters in order to prevent the problem to get worse. Stay clean!

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Why ZetaClear Is The best treatment for toenail fungus?

Stubborn problems usually bring out the best solutions. Toenail fungus is not only a painful problem; it also shatters a person’s confidence and self-assurance just because of the fact that his/her feet look awkwardly weird. The person suffering from such a condition has to hide his/her feet or sometimes such people avoid social gatherings.

Before getting into such a social and psychological dilemma, we need to focus on the solution of such a troublesome problem. ZetaClear has broken all the records and it has proved to be the best treatment for toenail fungus.

People are buying it, using it and getting a number of benefits from it. It has broken all the records of antifungal solutions to toenail fungal problem of the past products and has made its way to the top.

ZetaClear has earned huge amount of praises

The praises are not just words, ZetaClear actually worked for a number of people who did not find any other solution to their ugly, painful toenails. There was attest conducted on 300 people about the effectiveness of ZetaClear.

Each of these 300 people were given ZetaClear to treat their toenail fungal issues for about six months and they all reported how effective ZetaClear is in its working and treatment. They reported that ZetaClear did not just improved their problem of fungal issues, but also it cleared the skin, made the nails shine and skin better than before.

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ZetaClear is unique and brilliant in its treatment properties

The product has been manufactured on a scientific ground approved by the medicinal companies and recommended by a number of doctors. The product is not just an ultimate solution for the problem rather it is prevention to any future attack of fungus on the toenails.

zetaclearThe ZetaClear is unique in terms of its working formula. It works both above and beneath the skin to fight with the fungus to stop its way from all the sides. It has two kinds of sprays that must be used in order to completely cut the fungal roots and prevent it from developing again in the future.

A topical Spray – The spray that has to be applied onto the fungal infection

An Oral Spray – The spray that has to be applied under the tongue in order to reach the roots of the fungal infection and treat it there.

The manufacturer has actually understood the intensity of the problem and hence has come up with the best formula to treat toenail fungal issues which impairs a person’s social and physical appearance.

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ZetaClear defined in terms of its constituents

The composition of ZetaClear has also been taken under scientific considerations while manufacturing it because the problem that it as to treat is quite a stubborn one and does a lot of harm to the individual if not treated on time. The ingredients of ZetaClear are all natural and quite normally used by people due to their individual advantages.

All of the ingredients are endowed with some natural qualities and when they are combined together they do quite a marvelous job in treating the problem of fungal nature. Here is a list of these ingredients and what part they play in treating the problem of toenail fungus.

  • oregano-oilUndecylenic acid: It has its major contribution as a constituent of a number of medicines including antiseptics and hence, the majore role that it plays in ZetaClear is help the individual fight with the infection.
  • Tea tree oil: The tea tree oil is widely used in home remedies against fungal attacks. It softens the skin and makes it shinier and healthy. It plays its part in ZetaClear in this way.
  • Supplement E oil: This ingredient has the ability to fight against the toxins and thus acts as a shield to prevent any future attack of fungus on the affected area.
  • Lemongrass: Its importance is marked in a way that it kills all the microorganisms especially those who are harmful for the skin cells and kills the germs as well. It leads to the recovery of the toenails.
  • Jojoba oil: Its action is mainly targeted to the health of the skin and its composition resembles to the skin oil. It is thus an important ingredient in ZetaClear.
  • Clove oil: It has a very wide usage in terms of its aphrodisiac, antifungal, stimulating, antimicrobial, antiviral and antiseptic nature. It is widely used in medicines for fungal treatments and hence its purpose in the ingredients of ZetaClear is well defined.
  • Almond oil: It brings benefits for hair and skin and is used widely for the health of both hair and skin. It helps healing process and thus benefits nails in this way.

The ingredients are all natural and efficient and that is what defines how different is ZetaClear from all the other artificial treatments. The safety is well defined and there is no chance of side effect in such a product when all of its ingredients are natural.

ZetaClear is counted as a best remedy for toenail fungus because it is best in all the aspects whether it is about composition, working criteria, natural factor; everything is well approved. Thus, if you are tired of your problem, grab your pack of ZetaClear from its official website, NOW!

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Can I Buy ZetaClear In WalMart, Ebay, Amazon, Walgreens And GNC

ZetaClear has been a successful product in terms of its effectiveness in treating toenail fungal problem. The problem of fungal attack is very common among adults, and it is so stubborn that it cannot be treated solely depending on home remedies.

ZetaClear box, oral spray, and brush applicator.

Since the launch of ZetaClear, there has been huge rush among the public to get this product to treat their problem but the problem is the genuineness of the product. There are many online stores that claim to provide ZetaClear but people have reported that the product is fake.

The original product can only be found from the official website of ZetaClear.

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Here you will find 100% genuine product without any scam. Moreover, it is possible that you might get treated by scams if you try to buy ZetaClear from any other online or retail shops such as GNC, Amazon, Ebay or WalMart.

Just buy it from the official website of ZetaClear and get your nails treated without even expecting a single scam. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with the product you will get this option of “money back guarantee” within 90 days of purchase.

If you are tired of your yellow nails, and have been hiding your feet from people around, it is time to buy ZetaClear and get the treatment done in the earliest. Trust me, you will never get disappointed by the product. For further details about ZetaClear and its ingredients, continue reading this article.

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Why ZetaClear?

While all the other anti-fungal products focused on the outer treatment of the fungal spread, ZetaClear has a different approach for treating the problem of toenail fungus. It consists of a two-way approach to cut the spread of fungus on the nails or the adjacent areas. The product consists of:

  • A topical Spray – which has to be applied on the surface of the affected area with the help of the brush applicator. It must be applied, twice or thrice a day as per the intensity of your problem or as prescribed by the doctor.
  • An oral homeopathic spray – this has to be sprayed into the mouth under the tongue so that its ingredients reach the affected area through the bloodstream and treat the problem from its roots.

Thus, ZetaClear is the unique as well as the best solution for treating toenail fungus.

How to use the product?

The problem that you are facing must be treated according to the directions that are given in the product’s pack. You have to follow some simple steps and get it treated. Here are some instructions of using the topical spray as well as the oral one.

For topical Spray:

  1. Wash your feet thoroughly, especially the area that is affected and dry it completely.
  2. Use the brush applicator present in the pack and dip it into the bottle.
  3. Apply it onto the nails with the help of the brush and leave it for a while.

For oral spray:

  1. The oral spray works best for adults and children with age above 12 years.
  2. It is homeopathic in nature and does not cause any side effect.
  3. The direction of applying the oral spray is that you have to spray it twice or thrice a day under the tongue.
  4. If the problem of toenail fungus is happening to a child under the age of 12 or to a pregnant woman, the product must be used after consulting the doctor.

What are the prominent benefits of using ZetaClear?

ZetaClear has been achieving positive remarks round the globe by its customers. It is because of the numerous benefits that this product offers alongside treating toenail fungal problem.

  • ZetaClear will add up confidence in you by treating the problem and you will be able to achieve your beautiful skin and nails back to expose them to the world.
  • The itching caused by the fungal spread will all vanish and thus, you will be able to get back your beautiful nails and skin around it.
  • ZetaClear will save you from painful medical treatment of the nails where sometimes, when the problem is severe, the doctor removes the nail from the nail bed. This further saves one from spending money on the doctor as well as the treatment prescribed by him/her.
  • It actually kills the fungus in the affected areas and make it healthy so that no future attack of fungus occurs. This can happen only if the person takes care of hygiene and environmental cleanliness.

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The ZetaClear is the safest possible remedy for Toenail Fungus!

The safety of the product lies in its ingredients which are the safest and natural in their composition and medicinal history. ZetaClear consists of the following ingredients:

  1. Almond Oil – gives benefits to the skin to hold the nail intact
  2. Clove Oil – has an antifungal, antiseptic nature that treats the fungus and kills it.
  3. Jojoba Oil – It makes the skin to excrete its natural oil which makes the skin healthy
  4. Lemongrass – It has the ability to kill all the microorganisms in the affected area
  5. The Supplement E oil – it has the ability to remove all the toxins and bring safety to the skin
  6. Tea Tree oil – it treats the fungal spread and its attack on the skin
  7. Undecylenic acid – It helps the person to fight with the infections.

The ingredients work with a joint purpose of treating the problem of toenail fungus.

Get your pack of ZetaClear keeping in view its benefits and get yourself treated. Buy it from its official website before it gets out of stock.

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What is the Best Toenail Fungus Treatment?

During our school years, we all were taught how we should take care of our cleanliness and that of our environment. Most of the problems that we see people suffering from related to health and other medical problems is because of how they do not take care of cleanliness.

As we should all believe in precaution more than treatment, it is better to be cautious about somethings beforehand in order to save ourselves from the consequences.

Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus problem has the same roots and it is caused by unhealthy, unhygienic physical and environmental conditions. It happens because of some fungal attack and it turns the nails yellow. With yellowing, the nails become thick and rough that when you try to cut them off, they give the chalk effect. The situation can reach up to the level of severe pain if it is not treated on time. It becomes difficult to even touch such nails in severity and there is something to be done that should be effective and quick.

Toenail fungus – a very hard time for the sufferer!

It give people a really hard time. It gets very difficult for people who have yellow toe nails to move with confidence among people around them and they can do nothing about it except for trying some home remedies and still get no better. We know how you have to hide your feet and you cannot wear shoes of your choice because it is very embarrassing.

Has it become tiring for you to survive with such condition? Looking for a solution? Here we have figured out one of the best solution for your problem which will not only treat you in short time but also will give you long-term benefits.

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ZetaClear – The ultimate fungus fighter

ZetaClear is a scientifically proven and professionally designed product to treat a condition which is painful and embarrassing for the sufferers for toenail fungal problem.

zetaclearThere are some other fungal treatments and pills that are considered to be effective but they either are so slow in their action or if they are consistently taken, can cause a number of medical issues for the person. Whereas, ZetaClear is void of all such consequences.

The manufacturers of ZetaClear understand that the problem of toenail fungus is very painful already and this is why a quick and effective treatment is needed which should be safe enough to take all the pains without causing any further problem. ZetaClear has all these qualities and it ensures the effective removal of fungus.

Through different research sources, it has been confirmed that all the customers of ZetaClear have rated this remedy as #1. Since the day of its launch, this product has achieved a huge amount of appraisal and a very positive reputation.

ZetaClear works on a unique two-way formula

The reason of its fame is the way it works. It is not a treatment based on pills or any cream, rather it works by the usage of sprays of two kinds:

  1. A topical Spray: It has to be applied directly onto the affected area with the brush applicator present in the pack.
  2. An Oral Spray: It has to be sprayed under the tongue so that its ingredients go through the blood stream to the infected area and eradicate the problem from its roots.

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This brings in the ability for a person to fight with the fungal infection in two ways; above the problem and below it.

People must have told you about some home remedies and DIY solutions for the severe problem that you are suffering from, but ZetaClear is the proven formula to treat such a condition in less time and most effective ways.

ZetaClear – a composition of natural ingredients

The reason why it is safe and healthy to use is because it is void of harsh elements and chemicals. The ingredients are meant to increase the power within an individual to fight with the problem and help him boost up his immunity.

  • Almond oil
  • Clove oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Lemongrass
  • Supplement E oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Undecylenic acid

Through history of medicine and antifungal remedies, we will get to know that all of these ingredients when solely used do marvels.

ZetaClear – best solution for toenail fungus so far!

Through all the aspects and features, we have come to know that no remedy that existed before it made use of such a formula. ZetaClear with a unique approach promises to take away all the pain and ugliness of one’s feet. You must buy it as soon as possible from the official website of Zeta Clear online before it gets short.

Also, we would want you to take care of your cleanliness and hygiene once you have decided to treat your problem. Because you must be careful enough for future once you have seen how hard it can hit you.

Stay clean, stay healthy! More power to you all.

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Is Toenail Fungus Contagious?

The answer to this is simple and straight that it does spread to its adjacent areas. The problem of toenail fungus is caused by a fungal infection and it can spread to other people if proper care is not given to the feet.

If you can catch it from any place, it can spread to other places from you. The fungal problem is actually an infection that is caused by a fungus and it can spread from places to places.

The toenail fungal problem is contagious and a great care should be taken so that you don’t spread it in your surrounding areas.

Common places that promote the spread of fungus

There are some places which promote the spread of fungus and those are the places where special care should be taken regarding cleanliness and hygienic conditions.


The most common place that is being reported for the spread of fungal infection is a salon.

If you go to a salon for manicure or pedicure, you need to know how hygienic that salon is. It has happened to so many people that they got the infection from an unsterilized tool that was used to treat their nails. Moreover, if an infected person was applied nail polish and the same brush was used on a healthy nail, it might cause fungal infection in the healthy person as well. So, at salon there must be proper measures for cleanliness and the tools that are used there should be sterilized after being used on one person whether he/she is infected or not.

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 Swimming Pool

Through research on the prevalence of toenail fungus problem, we have come to know that this problem is more common among men than in women. And if we see, it is true. Men usually prefer wearing closed shoes and joggers. And if they work at places that are moist in nature such as if someone works as a lifeguard in swimming pool, and his work is of the nature that he has to stroll around barefoot, the person is thus vulnerable in developing the fungal infection.

A common fungal infection known as “athlete’s foot” is contagious and it spread due to moisture and dump places where people walk barefoot.

Sports areas

People who are into sports and play certain kind of games are more into developing toenail fungal infection because the kind of shoes they wear and the sweating process makes their foot vulnerable to develop a disease like this.

Initial Symptoms of toenail fungal infection

The problem initially starts with a small patch of yellowing on your toenail. It can be white, black or yellow in color. The problem at its initial stage is so minimal that it is hard to even recognize as a problem. People often consider it just as a crack or a mark and thus, ignore it for good. Then after the problem is left untreated, the nails turn into thick yellow matter and become a brittle mass. Alongside, the coloration of the nails is distorted and they enter into a painful stage where even touching them cause pain.

The person who is suffering from this problem can only know how hard it is for him to wear shoes or walk. Even wearing flip-flop is not a good idea because then the person has to expose his/her ugly feet and that targets the social wellbeing of the person.

Precautionary measures

The contagious condition can only be controlled by some precautionary measures. If one of your nail is affected by toenail fungus and you are aware of that, it must be controlled as soon as possible.

To prevent it from spreading onto other nails of the same foot or the other foot, washing your socks alone is not enough. You should keep in consideration the hygiene of your feet. For that, you need to clean your feet by killing all the germs and fungus.

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When you remove your socks, you should soak your feet in the mixture of an antiseptic liquid or vinegar and luke warm water. Also, you should also wash your socks by using anti-fungal washing powder so that the infection does not spread in the adjacent areas and people around you. There are certain home remedies that should be followed in order to prevent the infection from spreading around.

The treatment

zetaclearThere are certain treatments available for treating the problem. You can either be recommended to take some pills or a topical ointment on the affected area to kill the fungus and other microorganisms ZetaClear which incorporate both the topical ointment as well as oral spray so that the fungus is eradicated in all ways.

There are some herbal treatments available as well that treat the condition in a way that it helps to grow some new skin cells and recover the life of nail by killing the fungus.

Toenail fungus is a problem that must be given great consideration so that the problem gets treated in the best possible way and it does not spread anywhere else.

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Apple Cider Vineger for foot fungus

I never believed in a toenail fungal infection till I witnessed one from my own real eyes. I saw a yellow crappy nail fungus on one of my friend’s foot and that made me feel worse. To help her, I researched some of the home remedies for cutting nail fungus from its roots. And through that I came up to one of the most effective home ingredient for treating toenail fungus.

Toenail fungus is more common in men than in women. It is actually a persistent problem which when once develops take a lot of time to go away. Moreover, when it prevails for a longer time, it shatters down the self-esteem of a person in the social context and make him/her feel embarrassed in front of other. If you want to get rid of this problem of yours, you need to do something as soon as possible.

Through this round up, we are sharing one of the most effective remedy for treating foot fungus which utilized Apple Cider Vinegar. This ingredient has some antifungal characteristics which work best for the treatment of fungal infection. Here is a detail of the method that you should use to treat the problem of fungal spread over your foot.

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What is the characteristic of Apple Cider Vinegar?

The fungus, when it attacks the skin or nail area, it actually makes the cells and its surroundings basic or alkaline in nature. It does so because the fungus requires an alkaline environment to divide its cells. Therefore, to kill the alkaline nature of the skin and its cells, we need something of the opposite characteristic.

  • apple-ciderApple Cider Vinegar is the perfect ingredient to treat such a condition. It is acidic in nature and when it is applied on the area of fungal spread, it kills it from its roots and thus the problem is effectively treated.
  • The acidic nature of Apple Cider Vinegar is just useful for killing the fungus and also, it does no harm to the skin or the nail. So, do not worry about the harmful effects of the acidic nature of this Apple Cider Vinegar.
  • Also, Apple Cider Vinegar has the ability to fight with the micro-organisms, bacteria and other germs that contribute in the spread of nail fungus. With its anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, it kills all the unwanted micro-organisms of the affected area.
  • Its certain properties bring relief to a person from itching sensations and pain.

How to make use of Apple Cider Vinegar to treat foot fungus?

#1 – The proportionality of Apple Cider Vinegar in water should be maintained as described so as to make it work for your foot fungus. Also, you need to follow all these steps as described otherwise all efforts will go in vain.

  1. Take one part of Apple Cider Vinegar in two parts of luke warm water.
  2. Soak your feet in this mixture for 30 minutes.
  3. Do this, twice or thrice a day for about a month by gently washing your feet and toe area with clean hands.
  4. Dry your feet completely once you are done washing them.

Note: You must completely dry your feet after you are done soaking. Otherwise, the fungus will get its desired environment to replicate its cells.

#2 – You can also use it directly onto the affected areas without the soaking process. Some people find it difficult to soak their feet into the mixture of water and vinegar. Simply, take two to three drops of Apple Cider Vinegar and apply it directly on your nails and all the affected areas. Do it twice or thrice a day depending upon the intensity of your problem.

How long should this treatment last?

The intensity of the problem that you are facing decides how long you will use Apple Cider Vinegar for your nails. Continue applying vinegar till you see no sign of discoloration on your nails. Once you see, a healthy and intact nail has been grown up, stop using the vinegar because this will tell that the infection is now gone and your efforts have been proved fruitful.

Remember, you cannot expect a new nail to grow back in a few weeks. The growth of toenails is very slow and they take quite a long time to heal. So, expect about a number of months or even more. Once you have completely recovered from the infection, you need to take some of the precautionary measures in order to prevent the fungus from developing again.

  • Keep your toenails clean and cut them after regular intervals.
  • Also, take great care of the dryness of your toes and feet because fungus love moisture and places that are moist.

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Some Cautions

A diabetic patient or a patient of some systematic disease must be really careful if he/she develops a fungal infection. Such patients are vulnerable to some serious infections because they have low healing power and the treatment might cause more harm than good to such people. Vinegar can cause irritation to the diabetic patient and that might become unbearable for him/her.

So, take great care while treating yourself with any of the home remedy. Consult your respective doctor before you try something at home because it can become a matter of life and death.

Toenail fungus is a problem that must be treated as soon as it gets noticed otherwise, if it prevails for long, it can become stubborn and embarrassing or the person. Make your environment clean so that you live at the safer side of your life.


How ZetaClear Works?

Everyone in this world is rushing to fill the space of an empty tile in a perfectly piled up life of theirs. Why is it so? Because nobody life is perfect here but we do wish for one.

Zetaclear homeopathic spray bottle

We understand that your feet are your weakness for the time being because of the yellowing of your toe nails. I know that’s gross, but the best way to cop up with this situation is firstly to accept it and plan interventions to bring them back to life.

We want you to bring back the confidence in you so that you are easy showing your feet to people when you are bare foot. We want you to enjoy wearing slippers, flip-flops and other open shoes that are trendy and catchy but you have not been wearing them because of your toe nails. But, forget it! Here we are, presenting to you the solution of your problem that will help you move on with greater satisfaction.

Let’s start from learning the cause of these yellow nails and then we will move towards its solution.

Yellow toenails – what causes them?

Mostly, people suffer from the yellowing of toenails because of an infection that is fungal in nature. Science has named this infection as Onychomycosis and it is very common among people of different ages. So, you are not the only sufferer.

The prevalence of this condition is more in men than women. There are several background problems associated with this condition, reported as following:

  1. nailA moist place with humid climate condition.
  2. Socks that are sweat repellent and are worn for most of the time.
  3. Working in a place where there is water in access such as swimming pools, showers etc and you have to work bare foot most of the times
  4. Have a history of athlete’s foot
  5. Diabetes is a common cause too
  6. Constricted blood flow in the lower part of the body especially in the foot area
  7. Weak fighting internal power because of some ongoing treatment

These are the most reported problems behind the occurrence of yellow toenails that occupy one’s nerve and make one feel dissatisfied and lowers one confidence. So, if you are suffering from yellowing of nails you can relate to some of the causes inscribed above.

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What should be done?

We totally understand that you are going through a very tough time but it does not imply that you will die because of it. You can fight with it and can get your lovely looking feet back that you have been missing for so long. Realizing that something needs to be done on an immediate notice, we present to you ZetaClear which is a clinically proven formula to treat such a condition.

ZetaClear – make my nails look clear!

There have been many discussions about whether ZetaClear works or not. Is it a safe and reliable remedy for yellow toenails? What exactly is it by nature?

The purpose behind the manufacturing of ZetaClear is to treat toenail fungus. It is actually a 2-step formula for making your toenails healthy and better looking than ever before. It is the safest prescription for toenails, homeopathic in nature and manufactured to get rid of all kinds of fungal infection of nails.

The product is designed to help the person out in many ways, such as:

  • Wipes out the dirty keratin debris on the toenails.
  • Kills the fungal attackers on the nails.

ZetaClear has to be applied on the fungal area for it to work. When you apply it on the top of your nails, the ingredients present in the ZetaClear breaches inside the surface and this is where it gets to fight with the fungus. Not only this, ZetaClear also helps to achieve a healthy state of toenails by polishing nails and skin around the nails. This overall brings in the healthiness to the nails and makes them able to fight with any future attack of fungal infection.

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What makes ZetaClear so effective?

Probably, the secret behind the working of ZetaClear ingredients, the natural factor that it holds in it that makes it a best remedy for toenails’ fungal infection. These ingredients are all natural and thus indicate the occurrence of no side effects. It contains:

  • Almond oil – helps to fight with infections, antioxidant rich in vitamins.
  • Clove oil – an analgesic
  • Jojoba oil – makes the skin better
  • Lemongrass – brings in the power of anti-fungal work
  • Tea tree oil – used in medicines to make immune better
  • Undecylenic acid – targets the skin to make it fresh and able to hold the nails intact.

If these ingredients are looked upon individually, we will come up to the conclusion that each one of them has some contribution to the cause of eradicating the toenail fungus from the roots.

Directions for Application

All the directions about how ZetaClear should be used are mentioned on the label of the product.

  • It should be applied thrice a day on the affected areas.
  • If you are going through a really bad condition, buy an additional spray which should be taken orally.
  • Spray medicine needs to be sprayed in the mouth so as to make the internal system strong in order to eradicate the fungus totally.

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This is an innovative product because no other medication for toenail fungal infection ever introduced the combination of spray with it. This is what makes the working of ZetaClear the best.

Since the problem of fungal toenails is becoming really common, this medication has proved to be a life saver for so many people. ZetaClear clinically proven formula will take you to the next level. You will realize that this what you ever needed to get rid of that emptiness and feeling of incompleteness in you because of your bad toenails.

With this, we want you to maintain a clean environment in your surroundings. Also, if you want to stay healthy, stay clean. You will see things going good by your side and you won’t ever face any such problem again.

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Simple home remedies for toenail fungus

The problem that you are suffering from is very common among individuals of different ages. It occurs because of a number of causes and is sometimes so painful to handle that it gets difficult for a person to walk properly. The scientific name of this disease is Onychomycosis which is mainly caused by the attack of a fungus on the toe area of the feet.

Symptoms of Onychomycosis

onychomycosisThere is nothing worse than the pain of nails happening in the form of onychomycosis when you have to bear it and hide it from people at the same time. It starts appearing in the form of a small yellow spot on the tip of the nail and then it spreads over to the whole nail.

The condition develops with time if left untreated. The infected nail may convert to a thick, ragged shape and become painful. The color of the nail changes to dark yellow and becomes uncomfortable without any treatment. Even sometimes, the problem is so severe that it does not get any better even after treatment or remedies. So, if you feel you are at the verge of developing this disease, treat it as soon as it is possible.

Causes of toenail Fungus

The reason why we are telling you some of the causes of toenail fungal problems is because it gets easier to handle it when you know how to control the causal factors.

The disease has its roots in the unhygienic environment and other adverse conditions which is all because of the carelessness. Some of the major causes of Onychomycosis are:

  1. Being exposed to moisture and staying in the humid environment conditions.
  2. Synthetic socks can cause a number of skin issues to your feet and toe nails if you do not take care of its cleanliness.
  3. A weak immune system that has a very small ability to fight with the disease or any fungal attacks.
  4. Shoes that you wear for a long time and it causes severe sweat in your feet can also lead to fungal problem.
  5. Poor hygienic conditions occur when you work or stay in a place where dirt and filth is common and you do not wash or clean your feet effectively.
  6. Poor circulation of blood in the feet area can also make your feet vulnerable to such a condition.

These causal conditions are the most observed situations which led to the problem of toenail fungal issues.

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Home remedies for Onychomycosis – toenail fungus

There are a number of home remedies that have been found effective in treating the problem of toenail fungus. All these remedies are safe to apply as they involve all natural substances and have a little reaction probability.

  1. Tea Tree Oil

All you have to do is follow the steps and apply it onto the affected area:

  • Take one tea spoon of olive oil and mix it with a few drops of tea tree oil.
  • The mixture should then be applied on to the nails that have been attacked by fungus. This should be applied using cotton or a tissue paper.
  • Leave the nail as such for 10 minutes and then scrap the mixture off your nails with the help of a tooth brush.

This should be done twice or thrice a day for effective results. The ability of tree tea oil in fighting with fungus as an antiseptic has been studied for years. This is why it is used in a number of antiseptics.

  1. Vinegar
  • Mix a little amount of vinegar in warm water which should be double in quantity than vinegar.
  • Sock your toes in this vinegar mixture for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes, wash your nail with water and dry your feet efficiently. Do not keep them moist.

Vinegar has the ability to fight with the infections and fungus and also it helps to maintain an optimum level of skin’s pH.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

The acidic nature of this vinegar destroys the future planning of spreading of fungus to the surrounding area. It fights with the fungus and bacteria and kills them from their roots.

  • apple-cider-vinegarTake equal amount of water and apple cider vinegar and mix them. Steep your feet into the mixture for about half an hour and then take them out and dry them thoroughly.
  • Another possible way of using apple cider vinegar for treating toenail fungus is to mix it with ground rice flour and make a paste out of it. This paste should be applied on the nails. Apply it daily and it will help you to give life to the dead cells and will make your skin better in terms of healing.
  1. Oregano Oil

The effect of oregano oil is well understood in terms of its actions as an antiviral, antiseptic, antifungal, antiparasitic, antibacterial and analgesic features. It thus helps fight with the fungus that has attacked your nails.

  • oregano-oilTake a teaspoon of olive oil and in that, add 4 to 5 drops of Oregano Oil.
  • Apply this mixture over your nails.
  • Keep it there for half an hour.
  • After it, clean it up and dry your toes.
  • Apply it twice or thrice a day for effective results.

All of these home remedies are easy to apply and are effective as well. But before treatment, we need to tell you that you must stay away from moisture, dirt and humidity. Also, keep good care of your body’s cleanliness in order to refrain from any future fungus attack.

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There is nothing better than health in this world or let’s say there is no substitute of health. Do not let anything happen to any part of your body just because of your carelessness.

Do apply these home remedies and let us know about your experience so that it helps other people to get rid of the similar condition. Stay clean, stay healthy!