Is Toenail Fungus Contagious?

The answer to this is simple and straight that it does spread to its adjacent areas. The problem of toenail fungus is caused by a fungal infection and it can spread to other people if proper care is not given to the feet.

If you can catch it from any place, it can spread to other places from you. The fungal problem is actually an infection that is caused by a fungus and it can spread from places to places.

The toenail fungal problem is contagious and a great care should be taken so that you don’t spread it in your surrounding areas.

Common places that promote the spread of fungus

There are some places which promote the spread of fungus and those are the places where special care should be taken regarding cleanliness and hygienic conditions.


The most common place that is being reported for the spread of fungal infection is a salon.

If you go to a salon for manicure or pedicure, you need to know how hygienic that salon is. It has happened to so many people that they got the infection from an unsterilized tool that was used to treat their nails. Moreover, if an infected person was applied nail polish and the same brush was used on a healthy nail, it might cause fungal infection in the healthy person as well. So, at salon there must be proper measures for cleanliness and the tools that are used there should be sterilized after being used on one person whether he/she is infected or not.

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 Swimming Pool

Through research on the prevalence of toenail fungus problem, we have come to know that this problem is more common among men than in women. And if we see, it is true. Men usually prefer wearing closed shoes and joggers. And if they work at places that are moist in nature such as if someone works as a lifeguard in swimming pool, and his work is of the nature that he has to stroll around barefoot, the person is thus vulnerable in developing the fungal infection.

A common fungal infection known as “athlete’s foot” is contagious and it spread due to moisture and dump places where people walk barefoot.

Sports areas

People who are into sports and play certain kind of games are more into developing toenail fungal infection because the kind of shoes they wear and the sweating process makes their foot vulnerable to develop a disease like this.

Initial Symptoms of toenail fungal infection

The problem initially starts with a small patch of yellowing on your toenail. It can be white, black or yellow in color. The problem at its initial stage is so minimal that it is hard to even recognize as a problem. People often consider it just as a crack or a mark and thus, ignore it for good. Then after the problem is left untreated, the nails turn into thick yellow matter and become a brittle mass. Alongside, the coloration of the nails is distorted and they enter into a painful stage where even touching them cause pain.

The person who is suffering from this problem can only know how hard it is for him to wear shoes or walk. Even wearing flip-flop is not a good idea because then the person has to expose his/her ugly feet and that targets the social wellbeing of the person.

Precautionary measures

The contagious condition can only be controlled by some precautionary measures. If one of your nail is affected by toenail fungus and you are aware of that, it must be controlled as soon as possible.

To prevent it from spreading onto other nails of the same foot or the other foot, washing your socks alone is not enough. You should keep in consideration the hygiene of your feet. For that, you need to clean your feet by killing all the germs and fungus.

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When you remove your socks, you should soak your feet in the mixture of an antiseptic liquid or vinegar and luke warm water. Also, you should also wash your socks by using anti-fungal washing powder so that the infection does not spread in the adjacent areas and people around you. There are certain home remedies that should be followed in order to prevent the infection from spreading around.

The treatment

zetaclearThere are certain treatments available for treating the problem. You can either be recommended to take some pills or a topical ointment on the affected area to kill the fungus and other microorganisms ZetaClear which incorporate both the topical ointment as well as oral spray so that the fungus is eradicated in all ways.

There are some herbal treatments available as well that treat the condition in a way that it helps to grow some new skin cells and recover the life of nail by killing the fungus.

Toenail fungus is a problem that must be given great consideration so that the problem gets treated in the best possible way and it does not spread anywhere else.

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